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9-2-2016: I MET & GREETED IMMIGRATION & INTEGRATION MINISTER: HON.SYLVI LISTHAUG AT "INTERNATIONAL-DRAMMEN CONFERENCE" & REQUESTED HER TO LISTEN TO THE IMMIGRANTS & ASYLUMSEEKERS REGARDING ANY FUTURE GOVT.PLANS BECAUSE THEY HAVE BETTER IDEAS WITH MUTUAL BENEFITS TO THEM & NORWAY AS RESOURCE & TAXPAYERS! SHE AGREED & ALSO INTERESTED TO MEET THEM & HAVE A DIALOGUE! I TOLD HER TO ARRANGE A CONFERANCE WITH IMMIGRANTS' ORGNS! SHE WAS THE MOST CHARISMATIC & MOST CRITICISED MINISTER IN NORWAY BECAUSE OF ASYLUM TIGHT POLICIES BY FrP/H! I INTRODUCED HER WTRC-BLOG-CARD TO KNOW MORE ABOUT TAMIL SUFFERINGS CONTINUE IN SRILANKA & UNHRC's STRONG STATEMENT!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.11.2015 DURING BOOK RELEASE: TO END A CIVILWAR IN SL/PEACE PROCESS BY NORWAY/MARK SALTER AT PRIO,OSLO, I REQUESTED PUBLICLY TO PM/FM/EUM TO INVOLVE IN TAMIL AFFAIRS AGAIN ACTIVELY TO HELP FOR HR,JUSTICE & POLITICAL SOLUTION. I TOLD SINHALA LEADERS NEED PSYCHIC HELP FROM "WHO" BECAUSE THEY DONT WANT TO INCLUDE TAMILS IN CENTRAL GOVT OR LET TAMILS GO FREE/AUTONOMY! AFTER 3 WEEKS NOR-AMBASSADOR MET CM/NPC & FM VISITED SL& MET GOSL& TNA! WE HOPE FOR POSITIVE! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015: INFORMED WORLD LEADERS AT GLOBAL EDUCATION SUMMIT-OSLO-2015 ABOUT TAMIL SUFFERINGS/TORTURES CONTINUED IN SRILANKA: UNHCR CHIEF/PM & FM OF NORWAY/PM-PAKISTAN/ NPP WINNER: MALALA/VIPs OF USA/EU/AFRICA/CA/ ASIA/AU/ME/SA/UK ETC. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015: INFORMED EU/NORWAY/AFRICA/NA/SA/UK VIPs AT THE EU-CONFERENCE-DRAMMEN ON TAMILS' SUFFERINGS/FEAR IN SRILANKA & NEED FOR URGENT POLITICAL SOLUTION & DEVT/PROGRESS! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11.11.2011 LITTERATURHUS,OSLO KL.12-15 SEMINAR ON EVALUATION OF SL-PEACE PROCESS BY NORWAY..NORAD.NO+CMI.NO WTRF REQUESTED RICHARD ARMITAGE+ERIK SOLHEIM TO ENGAGE UN+IC(USA,EU,UK,CA,JP,AU,NORWAY) TO GET JUSTICE,SAFETY,EQUALITY & FREEDOM TO NESL TAMILS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! *25.10.2009 MEETING/GJESTEBUD/DRAMMEN: MET AND REQUESTED FOREIGN MINISTER OF NORWAY: HON.J.G.STØRE TO ORGANISE CO-CHAIR MEETING URGENTLY TO SOLVE SL-TAMIL SUFFERINGS IN DEATH CAMPS! HE MENTIONED THE REQUEST IN HIS SPEECH & PROMISED TO HELP! MET & INFORMED MANY OTHERE VIPs! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- 17.11.2010 MET NORWAY/FOREIGN MINISTER: JONAS G.S. AT LITTERATURHUS MEETING BY SAMTIDEN.NO/REFLEX-UD AND REMINDED PM's PROMISE /REQUESTED HIM TO SEND A DELEGATION TO SL TO HELP TAMIL IDPs/ POL.PRISONERS/POWs, AS WELL AS POLITICAL SOLUTION WITH SAFETY, SECURITY, NORMALCY,PROGRESS ETC. HE PROMISED SO! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03.12.10 ORGANISED MEETING ON "TAMILS' PRESENT SITUATION & FUTURE IN SL" AT ÅSSIDEN KIRKE. PRIEST DAG KASPERSEN HELPED THIS!THE ARTICLES FROM UK,EU,CANADA,NORWAY WERE PUBLISHED AT WTTT!DEBATE,DISCUSSION BY TAMILS & NORWEGIANS WERE HELD & FUTURE MEETINGS WILL BE HELD . 13.12.10 MET & REQUESTED MARTIN KOLBERG,MP/AP& TOR MICHAELSEN,MP/AP HELP TO TAMIL IDPs,POWs,POL.PRISONERS &POLITICAL SOLUTION IN SL! THEY PROMISED TO DO THEIR BEST! (FEEDBACK: NORWEGIAN AMBASSADOR VISITED IDPs) *16.10.2009 CONFERENCE ON "POVERTY & DEVELOPMENT" /FINANCIAL CRISIS & DEVELOPING COUNTRIES BY NORAD/NOBEL PEACE CENTER,OSLO. MET HON.ERIK SOLHEIM, SOUTH AFRICAN MINISTER: TREVER MANUAL, NORAD/DIRECTOR:P.E.PEDERSEN, PROF.W.NAUDE/UNU,PROF.H.RØNNING,PROF.R.MEENA,TZ AUTHOR:MICHELA WRONG ETC! I EXPLAIN AT THE MEETING ABOUT TAMIL SUFFERINGS AND URGENT NEED OF INTL SUPPORT TO SOLVE THE CRISIS! THEY PROMISED SUPPORT/SYMPATHY/ACTIONS! SENT EPOST TO 200 PARTICIPANTS ABOUT TAMIL SUFFERINGS! I REQUESTED POLITICAL SOLUTION! 06.11.2009 CONFERANCE ON CHILD SOLDIERS,VOKSENÅSEN,OSLO. SUGGESTION:RESPONSIBLITIES OF DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVTS & INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. SITUATION OF TAMIL IDPs/TAMIL SUFFERINGS/ROOT CAUSES OF SL-WAR! GOSL-RESPONSIBLITIES! LISBETH PALME, DORIT STÅHL(SWEDEN) MAGNE RAUNDALEN, ANETTE GIERTSEN/REDD BARNA, ROLF WALLIN,PRIYADARSINI DIAS/UNDP, SCOTT GATES/PRIO, SIDSEL ÅS, ALEJANDRO BENDANA/UNDP. PANEL DEBATE/CHAIR:HENNING MELBER-DHF ORGANISERS: NETWORKERS.ORG, DHF.UU.SE (FEEDBACK: SIDA HELPS RESETTLEMENT OF TAMIL IDPs!) 24.11.09 REQUESTED 189 MPs OF NORWAY BY EPOST TO SEND UNPF/NATO PF TO HELP SL-TAMIL IDPs TO GET NORMALCY, WITHOUT FEAR, WITH FREEDOM,JUSTICE, HARMONY,UNITY AND PROGRESS! MAKE A RESOLUTION AT PARLIAMENT ABOUT QUICK NORMALCY WITH FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT, POLITICAL AUTONOMY, WAR CRIME TRIBUNAL SOON TO GET JUSTICE BY UN/SC! .................STORTINGET.NO 26.11.09 Wrote to Danish PM to help NESL directly to people to recover from War pollution of soil,water,air,plants,food due to chemical bombs, amunition, mines & destruction of palmyra, coconut,forest trees for bunkers! Help to prevention/cure of Cancer among NESL population! Copenhagen Climate Conference/UN/ 04.12.09 Sent urgent emails to VIPs to help struggling 264 Tamil refugees including children,pregnant mothers, elders etc, in ship on Indonasian sea to give them asylum/resettlement soon in AU,USA,EU,NZ,CA!! May Day!May Day!!May Day!!! 10.12.2009 Participated at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony to Hon.Obama in City Hall,Oslo. Inform many VIPs/Media Folk about Tamil sufferings in SL and requested support for Political Federal Solution;Normalcy/Freedom/HR with Dignity & Progress! Delivered Greeting Message of Tamils to Hon.Obama&Family! TJ: Obama Shd do more for Future World Peace and Justice ! BO:All Govts shd Treat their all Citizens with dignity/Justice! ----------------------------------------------------------- We All shd recommend Tamil Gandhiyist Leader: R.Sampanthan,MP/TNA to NPP-2010 before 01-02-2010! All Tamil MPs/Professors Shd send Recommendations Soon!Please Send Soon To 21.12.09 Wrote Urgent request to Hon.Obama,Hon.Hillary,Hon.Robert O'Blake to send Hon.US Ambassador to SL-Election Commissioner's Office to ensure more than 200,000 Tamil IDPs get their NICs and included in the Voters list!No more Excuses!Sent copy to Hon.Moragoda/JM-SL & VIPs! Total IDPs (1977-09)ca.630,000 according UN report. ALL SL-CITIZENS ABROAD TOO SHD GET CHANCE TO VOTE AT SL-EMBASSIES! 23.12.09 Wrote to Hon.Obama to start US-Inquiry & find the truth of Genocide of innocent Tamils in may 2009,with Ban Ki Moon,Vijay Nambiar,Sonia Gandhi/MK.Narayanan,Erik Solheim & Others who were involved in dialogue about surrender /ceasefire with MR/BR/GR-Regime! 01.01.2010 Contributed to Dr.Vickramabahu's SL-Presidential Campaign! Encouraged TNA,Tamils,Medias,Organisations to Support Dr.Vicky/NSSP.Info as the Next President of Srilanka! Mr.Sivajilingam declared his support to Dr.Vicky!Good Move!! 09.01.2010 Requested the PM,JM,UDI,UNE of NORWAY to accept Tamil Refugees/Asylumseekers from SL & grant them Residence based on UN-reports of present sufferings of IDPs/Detainees in SL. PLEASE DONT SEND BACK ANY TAMILS UNTIL NORMALCY,POLITICAL SOLUTION,WCT ESTABLISHED! SHOW CHRISTIAN COMPASSION&HUMAN SOLIDARITY! 07.01.2010 Requested Malaysian Prime Minister to Stop sending back Tamil Refugees stranded in KL,Malaysia until complete Normalcy/Safety, Acceptable Political Solution, WCT Established in SL! 24.01.2010 TGTE/VU:Info Meeting in Oslo! How to help suffering IDPs? Get Normalcy,Unity,Establish Peoples Forums in Each Villages/Towns,Help them Economically,Morally Etc. 27.01.2010 Hon.Robert Blake,D.S./US STATE DEPT replied WTRF URGENT REQUEST to help 254 Tamil Boat Refugees in Merek, Indonesia THROUGH UNHCR!SENT URGENT REQUEST TO ALL UNHCR OFFICES TOO TO HELP! 29.01.2010 DHKS-GANESH TEMPLE:MEDITATION, POOJA,PRAYER TO GOD TO HELP SUFFERING TAMILS IN SRILANKA! 28.01.2010 Participated at the Annual Meeting:DOTL.NO as OBSERVER and Explained simply by Hand Symbol about Hinduism Principles of PATHI,PASU,PAASAM(GOD,SOUL,LOVE) & AANAVAM,KARMA,MAAYA(EGO,+/-ACTIONS,ILLUSION) 06.02.10 Info meeting/NCET about Tamil Asylum Seekers in Norway. How to help them collectively!All Asylum Seekers shd contact NCET.NO TO FIGHT THE CASE THROUGH JUDICIARY! THEY SHD JOIN TOGETHER RATHER THAN FIGHT ALONE AND PAY VERY HIGH PRICE! UNITED WE STAND! 29.07.10-02.08.10 WE RECEIVED A SPRITUAL GURU: SHANKARJI/OOTI,TN BKWPU.ORG,LONDON IN OSLO ON BEHALF OF DHKS! HE MADE A SPEECH AT OSLO MURUGAN TEMPLE/NHKS AT 17.30 & DRAMMEN GANESH TEMPLE/DHKS AT 19.30 ABOUT PEACEFUL,SPRITUAL LIFE/MEDITATION! WE VISITED OSLO BK CENTER ON SUNDAY,01.08.10 AND LISTENED TO A SPEECH BY SHANKARJI IN TAMIL! 03.08.10 I MADE A SPEECH(IN NORSK) INFRONT OF 300 RU(RED YOUTHS)AT UTØYA IN NORWAY ABOUT PATHETIC SITUATION OF TAMIL IDPs/POWs IN NESL EVENTHOUGH THE WAR ENDED IN 2009 MAY 18. I REQUESTED THEM TO SEND EMAILS TO PM,FM,MPs TO SEND A DELEGATION TO ASSESS/HELP THEM (FOOD,MEDICINES,HOMES,JOBS)URGENTLY! 11.08.10 I MET HON.PRIME MINISTER OF NORWAY:JENS STOLTENBERG IN OSLO AND REQUESTED HIM TO SEND A DELEGATION TO NESL TO ASSESS/HELP (FOOD,MEDICINE,HOMES,JOBS) TO TAMIL IDPs/POWs WHO ARE STILL SUFFERING UNDER BRUTAL SINHALA ARMY OCCUPATIONS!HE PROMISED TO DO SO THROUGH FOREIGN MINISTER:JONAS GAHR STORE! 24.10.10 I MET HON.KNUT VOLLEBAEK,FMR F.M./NORWAY, HIGH COMMISSIONER ON NATIOANAL MINORITIES, OSCE.ORG AT THE CONFERENCE OF GJESTEBUD.ORG, REQUESTED HIM TO HELP TAMILS TO SEND UNPF & GET SAFETY,JUSTICE,FREEDOM,EQUALITY,AUTONOMY AND PROGRESS! HE PROMISED TO DO WHATEVER POSSOBLE TO HELP! 2011 MET JGS/FM/NORWAY & REQUESTED HIM TO SEND A DELEGATION+HELP TO TAMIL IDPs/POWs IN SL AT LITTERATURHUS,OSLO! HE PROMISED TO HELP! 18-03-2011 MET& REQUESTED HON.DEVT/ENVT MINISTER ERIK SOLHEIM AS A MEMBER OF SV(SOCIALIST LEFT) AT NORWAY FOREIGN MINISTRY ALONG WITH 16 TAMIL REPS ! EXPLAINED THE SUFFERINGS OF IDPs,POLITICAL PRISONERS,POWs, EXISTANCE OF HSZ/REFUGEES UNABLE TO RETURN, NEED URGENT INTL CONFERANCE ON NESL BY UN/IC, POLITICAL SOLUTION AFTER REFERENDUM LIKE IN SUDAN. NO JUSTICE/ICC/WCT EVEN WAR ENDED IN 2009 MAY. 19-05-2011 I PARTICIPATED ON SL-SEMINAR BY NTSF IN OSLO UNIV.KULTUR MUSEUM. REQUESTED PUBLICLY JAN EGELAND, DIR-NUPI TO ACTIVATE NORWAY TO ORGANISE AN ITNL CONFERENCE ON NESL,THEN UN/SC MEETING REGARDING FUTURE OF NESL &REFERENDUM LIKE S.SUDAN. ALSO ENCOURAGED HØGLUND/FRP TO TALK ABOUT THIS IN PARLIAMENT SOON! ENCOURAGED KRISTIAN RØNNEBERG/AFTENPOSTEN TO REVEAL TAMILS' EVIDENCES TO UDI REGARDING SUFFERINGS, REGUESTED DR.SRISKANDARAJAH EVALUATION REGARDING UNITY & PROGRESS OF TGTE,GTF,NCET. NEED OF NCET CHANGE AS NORWAY TAMIL CONGRESS TO INVOLVE IN LOCAL, NATIONAL, INTL POLITICS & DIPLOMACY. 28-6-2007: Explained the sufferings & suggestions to Peace Envoy:Erik Solheim,NORWAY 2006: Requested FS: Raymond Johansen at Foreign Ministry to help to stop the war & explained sufferings of Tamils! 2006:Requested DMK-Leader: M.Karunanithy to help persude Central Govt to end Tamil sufferings in SL! 13.7.2005: Greetings Poem to Great Poet of Tamilnaadu: Vairamuththu in Chennai to end the War/Suffering by TN-all party Reps.& Tamil Unity & One voice to Govt.of India towards justice & peace! 11.04.2005: Requesting Kofi Annan/UNSG to take our matter to UNSC! 2005: Arrangements for NLP to Great Poet:Vairamuthu/TN 2004: Requested EM:Kristin Klemetsen & DM: Hilde johansen to help to encourage political solution soon through GON! 2004: established DHKS/Drammen Hindu Cultural Center to keep up Hindu values of toleranse/compassion/ahimsa/truth/ hospitality & spritual tamil siththar traditions!Bought an old church & renovated it in 2011-13 to establish Ganesh Temple! 24.09.2002: Greeted PM: Kjell Mangne Bondevik with a beautiful "Egypt Painting" & requested him with appeal letter/speech to continue to help Tamils get justice & peace! 2002/2003: Requesting PM.Ranil Vickgramasinge for political solution with urgent matters & new ideas! 25.04.2001: Requested FM:Thorbjørn Jagland to take our matter at UNSC & send UNPF soon!Remove SLA occupation! 2001: Requested Pres.Bush/FS-Rice/Pres.Clinton/Kofi Annen 2000: Greetings with "Golden Shawl" to PM: Jens Stoltenberg & FM:Thorbjørn Jagland infront of Parliament after taking the "oath" infront of HM:King Harald at King Palace! Encourage them to continue the "Peace Process" in SL. 1999:Opinion polls on Tamils' opinion on various topic done! It was a democratic parameter to find the truth & helped unity 1998: SL-Tamil emergency needs & Rehablitation conference! OSLO,NORWAY. 1998: Requested Unity from Leaders of militant orgns/Oslo. 1998: Explained & requested Anders Jagland/AUF-leader to help Tamils' sufferings end in SL by AP(Labour Party) soon! He promised to do so actively through his mother party! 1997 sep. Oslo Conference with Dr.R.Janarthanan ON SL-TAMILS & UNITY! 1997 July: Sarvadesa Tamiler magazine: Interviewed Hon. Jan Egeland/Foreign Secretary-Norway ON SL-PEACE: Requested to send a Peace Envoy urgently to Srilanka for peace process in the most critical sufferings of Tamils! He promised to do so & Did urgent help:Food,Medicine etc! ST magazines were sent to SL-President:Chandrika Kumaratunge;FM:Laksman Kadirgamar V.Pirabaharan/LTTE-leader-Vanni; Dr.Anton Balasingam/ LTTE-Adviser +Intl & Local media/NGOs/VIPs. After sometimes,"Aftenposten"news informed that Hon.Erik Solheim was appointed as a "Peace Envoy" to SL-conflict! 1997.May/Drammen:Requesting Gro harlem Brundtland help! Requesting Drammen MP:Erik Dalheim to speak our matter in Parliament of Norway! 27.10.1996 : Requested Prime Minister:Thorbjørn Jagland to send a peace envoy to help Tamils in Srilanka get Justice & Peace like Norway sent Hon.Terje Larsen to middle-east! He told It was a good idea!But Norway cannot solve all problems! It was during his 1.dialogue as PM with 1.person(me) by Dagbladet-telefon-talk with people of Norway! 1999: I Wrote to VP/LTTE to release my niece recruited as a 15yr old childsoldier!VP promised to Olara Oddunu/UN-envoy no more childsoldiers in LTTE! But VP refused & She was killed at 17 yrs in Kilaly war-2001 along with many 1000s childsoldiers. LTTE got regularly ST-MZ/1994-2000 with articles on UN-HR & Children-Rights-convention with Tamil translations ! 1996:Requested PMK-Leader:Ramdas for Unity in TN & one voice to help Tamils in SL! 1995:Requested SS/USA:Madelene Albright(later Blake etc) 1994/98: Requesting Tamilnaadu CM.Jayalaithaa for active engagement & advice to Central Govt/India with new ideas! 1994. Interview: Defence.Secretary:Sigve Brekke/AP/Norway to help to end Tamil sufferings in SL. 1994: Request:RV party Leader:Erling Folkevord/Interview 1994-July: Demo infront of Govt.HQ to help IDPs/Refugees! 1994-2000 Established "Sarvadesa Tamiler" magazine for Unity& Progress of World Tamils: Scholars/Poets/Politicians/ Writers,Researchers/Libraries to coordinate them towards knowledge, justice, freedom,equality,culture,envt & HR! 1993: Sent an urgent Letter from Norway-Tamil students & people to Boutros Boutros Gali/UNSG to help! 1992: Requested FS:Tveiter at Foreign Ministry to tell our case in Geneva UNHRC /UNHCR & persuade them to take our sufferings seriously & find a solution very soon! 1991.Established DTVF(Drammen Tamils Friendship Society) to keep in touch with Nowegian people for unity,culture, knowledge,understanding,friendship,integration & progress! 30-8-1990: Organising Tamils' Hungerstrike/Demo infront of Govt HQ,Oslo! Hon.Elsa Skarbovik,MP/Adviser FM:Hon.Kjell Mangne Bondevik received an appeal letter: SL-Tamils' Situation Report requesting Norway to help & engage more active in SL.! She joined the Parliament-delegation in 1998 too! 1989: Russian Embassy Diplomat:VB persude me to collect info on academics/scientists in Norway! I said "NO" & cut off his friendship!I told him that Tamils never betray any kind & good people due to God's love/loyality, courtesy & sincerity! 1987: Explained Justice Ministry/Norway officials with documentation on SL-Tamil sufferings! JM started giving residence/work permit to Tamils! 13.10.86 Norway Arrival:Asylum! 86-2016: Joined as Member of AP(Labour party)-KRF(Christian Peoples Party)-SV(Socialist Left) due to their humane policies & active involvement in SL-peace process!I Like Rødt/Ventre/Senter Party too because their humane policies & friendship with minorities in Norway! 1984-85 As a Lanscape Supervisor, KSA .I was working with many nationalities from Asia,Africa,EU,USA,Canada with harmony,frienship & solidarity! 1983-84: Virakesari/Journalist,Srilanka: Foreign Ministry,Info.Dept. Writing political,scientific,cultural topics/litterature,poems etc. 1981-82 Established "Mathuram" students magazine at University of Peradeniya for knowledge,HR,unity, equality, freedom,justice,harmony & progress! Narrowly escaped racial attack at the Univ.Peradeniya! 1980-81 Secretary /Univ.Tamil sangam/Poet:Cultural & political activities! 09.01.1981 I Met MGR/CM-TN & gave a Poem Message to help Tamils to safe Tamil language, Tamil speaking peoples, Tamilland/ properties in SL! 1981: Leader of the Opp.:A.Amirthalingam requested me to help/write to TULF-newspaper:Uthayasooriyan! I wrote on my experience at WTRC in Tamilnaadu,India ! 1980 Member of Student Assembly/JVPA, Univ.Peradeniya. I cooperated with all students & student-parliament members on equality,harmony & friendship! 1977 I Learned a lot from maternal uncle Dr.S.Rajasundaram Gandhiyam/Org.Secretary who helped 50000 UC-Tamil refugee families to settle in Vanni from 1977 racial attack & helped Ootru mz! He tried Unity among Tamil Militant Orgns!But VP-Ltte left the meeting with his gun refusing democratic values,unity & decision making! 1976-77+84 As a Journalist/Ass.Editor at Eelanadu Daily! Started "Students Ideas/Thoughts":A Success story! Narrowly escaped shelling by Jaffna-SLA-Fort! & 1983 SL-Racial Attacks on Tamils! 1977:Narrowly escaped from Sinhala racial attack in Dambulla Farm/Kundesale Diploma Student. Hidden under high grass the whole night with 30 Tamil students! Scared & depressed! Bleeding near eyes due to barbe-wire fence attack in dark! Many were caught & attacked including teachers! 1974:Established Inuvil Social Service Center during WTRC-Jaffna. Narrowly escaped 1974 Sinhala Police massacre during WTRC-festival infront of Veerasingam Hall,Jaffna. 1970: Jaffna District-Tamil Students Popular Protest March/ Demonstration from Kokuvil-Jaffna against "Standardisation Discrimination on Tamils to Univ.Entrance Act" by SLFP! Leaders: Sathyaseelan,Dr.S.Jeyasundaram,Sivakumar etc. 1960:My father K.Nalliah/GS-Union introduced myself & sister as children to Dr.N.M.Perera/LSSP/FM-SL during lamp-procession at KKS-rd,Inuvil!Later pol.meetings of LSSP! He became friend with Dr.N.M.Perera/Left Socialist during 1954-58 Yatiyantota as a teacher. He participated in various protests/demo against "Sinhala Only " act & attack on Tamils! 1958.Narrowly escaped Racial attacks on Tamils in UC, SL. My father & mother both were teachers to Plantation Tamil children in Hatton/Yatiyantota etc!

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