Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Incredible India: 15-Aug. 71.Independance Day in Oslo! Meeting & Greeting The Indian Ambassador & Diplomats & Indian People! Great Pleasure! Thanks From Many 1000s SL-Tamil Refugees in the Refugee Camps in Tamilnaadu & Tamil Diaspora visiting relatives/friends & Great Temples in Tamilnaadu & All over India! Great Historical& Spiritual bonds are Unbreakable! PM/ India &CM/ NPC &TNA Leaders meeeting was Promising! India shd Play a Positive & Active Role to find Full autonomy to NESL/UC in Srilanka NOW! 99% of SL-Tamils Are "Mahathma Gandhi followers" According to SL-Election Results in 2015! WE TRUST INDIA NOW TO HELP US!

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